The micro-computer software developed herein is intended to relieve design engineers of laborious computations inevitable in the iterative masonry design process. Computations may be performed for the design and analysis of all commonly occurring masonry elements consisting of either concrete block or clay brick units. Included in the software are options for the analysis and design of beams, columns, load-bearing walls, slender walls, pilasters, and shear walls. Elements may be either plain or reinforced.

The Software operates in the windows environment and it incorporates a highly interactive graphic user interface. In addition, ample graphical illustrations are available to guide users to enter the proper input while output information is presented in graphical and tabular forms. All input can be entered without ambiguity by referring to graphical illustrations. Because of the high speed calculations, the practicing design engineer can investigate several options for a particular design application in just a few minutes. Additionally, the self-explanatory and interactive nature of the software also make it a suitable teaching tool.


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