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The Canada Masonry Design Centre is committed to providing masonry contractor members in Canada the tools and resources to facilitate the proper design and construction of masonry structures. CMDC provides technical assistance to a select group of masonry contractors who have joined together and accepted the responsibility of leading the masonry industry forward through their investment in the Canada Masonry Design Centre.

Technical Assistance

“Little details have special talents in creating big problems!” [M.M. Ildan]. We know you have experienced this in your business at one time or another. As masonry contractor members of CMDC, we are here to assist with those many questions you encounter when sifting through all the masonry details and specifications in your contract documents.

Codes and Standards

We encourage you to contact us with questions regarding the CSA Standards and how they apply to your construction sites. CMDC staff are part of the technical committees of the masonry related CSA Standards, allowing us to offer a unique perspective with our expert advice.

Recommended Construction Practices

The CMDC offers technical assistance to our masonry contractor members with questions pertaining to proper masonry detailing and construction. CMDC understands that it is sometimes challenging to determine why a certain detail is being specified. We offer an unbiased venue to privately discuss your concerns and determine if an alternative solution might be acceptable for submittal. We also offer job-specific assistance to help address concerns on a site before they grow into problems. CMDC staff are fortunate to have extensive and varied experiences related to supporting our masonry contractor members as well as the design community, giving us a very unique perspective to construction practice related issues. Please contact us with your inquiries.

Technical Resources

There are several available technical resources developed specifically for our masonry contractor members in the form of seminars and technical aids. More Information: Resources

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