CMDC's Role



A strategic responsibility of CMDC staff is their involvement in masonry research throughout Canada. CMDC provides an experienced, knowledgeable industry voice to assist researchers with developing research projects that are state-of-the-art and address the most pressing needs of the Canadian masonry industry. This is achieved through the support, coordination, supervision, dissemination and ultimately the application of industry-relevant research and development.

On behalf of the Canadian Masonry Research Council, CMDC Staff monitor all masonry research being supported by CCMPA and CMDC. As the single point of contact, our goal is to improve the communication between the masonry industry and Canadian researchers to facilitate greater inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration between research programs. CMRC will evaluate current and future research projects and prioritize those that can demonstrate the potential for successful commercialization of their new innovations and discoveries. This is accomplished through changes to the relevant building codes and standards, new products and technologies or construction practices.

For more information on the Canadian Masonry Research Council, or to apply for masonry research funding please click here.

CMDC Research Network Services

  • Access to NSERC and Mitacs Industrial Grants
  • Link Researchers Together in Network
  • Conduct Industrially Relevant Research
  • Assists in Commercialization of New Technologies
  • Integrate Research with Building Codes and Design Standards
  • Coordinate Industrial Cash and In-Kind Funding
  • Assistance in Writing Grant Applications
  • Financial and Technical Support for Students
  • Collaborate with Researchers to Innovate
  • Connect Researchers with Designers, Contractors and Manufacturers
  • Ensure Research is Impactful and Disseminated
  • Maximize National Impact and Benefits of Research
  • Provide an Industry Sounding Board for new Ideas
  • Facilitate Long-Term Strategic Research Plans
  • Help with Navigating the Regulatory Environment
  • Planning, Design and Construction of Test Specimens

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