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Being a masonry contractor sponsored organization,

CMDC's services are 100% complimentary

for you, the designers!

CMDC’s main objective is to ensure designing with masonry is straight forward and hassle free. We are committed to providing designers with the proper tools and resources to facilitate the proper design and construction of any masonry structure. In addition to developing CMDC’s resources, CMDC’s staff field phone calls and emails daily to address specific inquiries. Please contact us with any inquiry at 1-888-338-3336 or email us at

Technical Assistance

Whether it be conceptual questions about the use and applications of masonry materials and construction requirements or specific questions regarding masonry engineering calculations, CMDC will help you find the answers you are looking for quickly.

Codes and Standards

Feel free to contact us with questions regarding the CSA Standards and how they are applied to your design. CMDC staff are part of the technical committees of the masonry related CSA Standards, allowing us to offer a unique perspective with our expert advice.

Educational Seminars/Courses

Have questions but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you would benefit from attending one of our seminars or courses. They are tailored specifically for designers to promote the proper design and construction of masonry buildings. More information: Seminars, Courses, Other Resources

Recommended Construction Practices

The CMDC offers technical assistance to designers with questions pertaining to proper masonry detailing and construction. CMDC understands that it is sometimes difficult to determine the merit of inquiries arriving from site and we offer a free, unbiased venue to privately discuss your concerns. Our staff have a unique perspective because we are continuously supporting our contractor members and the design community. Struggling with a difficult question in your office…give us a call!

Technical Resources

There are several available technical resources developed specifically for designers in the form of software, textbooks and technical aids. More Information: Resources

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