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CMDC offers complimentary technical assistance to designers and our masonry contractor members. CMDC staff is here to assist with inquires arising from codes and CSA masonry standards for both design and construction of masonry structures. Many of these inquiries are general in nature, however, specific project inquiries addressed by CMDC on a daily basis. To learn more about how CMDC can assist you, click here.



Research and the dissemination of completed research in Canada is a primary role of the CMDC. CMDC has collaborated with its provincial Venture Partners to encourage and expand masonry research at local Universities. CMDC’s research initiatives have grown to include a valuable partnership with the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association (CCMPA) in creating the Canadian Masonry Research Council (CMRC). All masonry research supported by CMDC members and CCMPA done through the auspice of the Canadian Masonry Research Council is monitored by CMDC Staff. To learn more about ongoing masonry research in Canada, Click here


Design Software

CMDC partnered with the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association (CCMPA) to develop a powerful software package called MASS. MASS analyzes and designs masonry beams, out-of-plane walls, shear walls, and single storey shear wall elevations with openings and control joints using current CSA standards. To learn more about MASS, Click here


Design Textbook

In 2005, CMDC published their First Edition of Masonry Structures: Behaviour and Design authored by Dr Robert Drysdale and Dr. Ahmad Hamid. This textbook is the most comprehensive resource available to engineers for the design and construction of masonry structures in Canada. To learn more about this textbook, Click here


Industry Links

CMDC has established working relationships with many related masonry associations around the world. To learn about our industry partners, Click here

Recent News



Official Release of MASS Version 3.0 brings current Codes and Standards to a Familiar Software Interface

Version 3.0 takes everything from previous software versions and adapts it to the latest standards

National Masonry Design Programs is proud to announce the official release of Masonry Analysis Structural Systems

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What is MASS Version 2.2.1? (and why you should install it)

With the release of MASS Version 3.0, the previous edition of MASS has gotten a small adjustment

Back in April of 2016, the release of MASS Version 2.2 marked what was

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Upcoming Events

Engineered Masonry Design Course

(Date TBD)

Provider: Canada Masonry Design Centre

Credit: 1 (McMaster University)


Please click here for more information

MASS Software Release

A new release of Masonry Analysis Structural Systems is just around the corner! Version 3.0 takes everything done by MASS in its current scope and moves it into the new CSA standards adopted by the 2015 National Building Code.

Please click here for more information or if you are interested in a pre-release copy

13th Canadian Masonry Symposium

13th Canadian Masonry Symposium

The 13th CMS was a huge success! Click here to search all papers presented in Halifax.

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