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Masonry Partition Wall Calculator

Another useful tool at your disposal to help facilitate the design of masonry partition walls.

Use this calculator to check the feasibility of masonry on your project. Simply start with your site data and see how high you can go with concrete block.

How it works: Using the Partition Calculator Tool

Seeing how high you can build with a given block size, based on your wind and earthquake site values is a quick and easy process.

CMDC is making this tool available to assist with the design of partition walls using concrete masonry units. There are many assumptions and limitations that go into the more than 1800 wall designs included in this resource. Understand how it’s meant to be used and more importantly, when it shouldn’t be!

Step 2: Enter your site data, and choose a concrete block

Select a wind pressure that is being resisted and enter a seismic hazard index, then chose the thickness and density of CMU being used. Finally, specify whether or not there will be any openings as that will also have an impact on the final results.

Step 3: Check your height and lateral supports against our tables

Get your maximum allowable heights for different reinforcement options and check the lateral support reactions to ensure the anchors are providing sufficient resistance. Fire resistance rating and sound transmission class values for different masonry configurations are available as well.

Changes and updates:

April 19, 2024

Fire resistance ratings corrected for lightweight 10cm block partitions

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