Masonry Analysis Structural Systems

Simplify and acccelerate the engineering process

Masonry Analysis Structural Systems Simple and Straightforward User Interface Design masonry beams using the Canadian design standards Beam Module Wall Module Versatile Loads Engine Saving time while keeping things efficient Design Strategy Openings and Movement Joints added to Version 2 Takes effects such as slenderness into account for wall design Saves hours of hand calculations Works for any masonry design project Flexible Design Process Making sure you know exactly what the software is doing with 100% transparency Detailed Results Visit the MASS Website to Order Today

MASS™ is a powerful software package that analyzes and designs masonry Beams, Out-of-Plane Walls and Shear Walls in accordance with the CSA Masonry Standards


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With a MASS License, you also get:

  • Comprehensive technical support
  • New release information and updated product notification
  • Access to product updates and new releases

Watch our rigidity video to see what was added when Version 2.0 was released (at no extra cost to anyone with a license)

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