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Bridging the gap between the design community and the masonry construction industry

We are committed to providing masonry contractors and designers across Canada with tools and resources to facilitate the proper design and construction of masonry structures

Who we are

CMDC is a not-for-profit Canadian association representing a national group of for-profit masonry contractors and other industry partners.

Our primary responsibility is to encourage the effective use of masonry through research, education, and technical support. Canada Masonry Design Centre is unique in its mandate by providing services to its contractor members in addition to supporting the external design community.

We are a highly-technical team of structural engineers in offices spread across Canada who are available to help you on your next project.

What we do

CMDC is created and funded by its for-profit masonry contractor members to bridge the gap between the design community and the masonry construction industry.

Support offered by CMDC includes providing design advice, problem solving on job sites, educational seminars both for contractors and designers, development of design aids such as a masonry structural design software, textbooks for students and professionals as well as university professor workshops and instructional packages. CMDC is also a major participant in building code and CSA Standards development. Masonry research is the foremost important long-term initiative that completes CMDC’s work scope.

CMDC is unique in that it acts as a conduit for information dissemination at many levels for its member contractors’ initiatives. These include apprenticeship training, research at universities and colleges, codes and standards development, design aids, education and seminars and direct technical support to designers and contractors.

Our Partners and Supporters

CMDC’s Board of Directors are comprised of contractor members from our 7 funding associations. The founding members of CMDC included the Ontario Masonry Contractors’ Association (OMCA), Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta –South (MCAA-South), Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta (North) (MCAA-North) and the Saskatchewan Masonry Institute (SMI). Over the past 15 years, CMDC has grown in membership to also include the Manitoba Masonry Contactors Association (MMCA), the Masonry Contractors Association of British Columbia (MCA of BC), the Atlantic Masonry Institute (AMI), and Association des Entrepreneurs en Maçonnerie du Québec (AEMQ).

CMDC is a partner with the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association (CCMPA) in several major initiatives that include: MASS designs software, Masonry Structures: Behaviour and Design textbook, University research, as well as the monitoring and development of codes and standards.

CMDC has also partnered on a wide range of other initiatives and conferences.

Get in touch with our team

The Canada Masonry Design Centre helps members of the design community across the country by connecting them to the resources and supports they need. Contact us today and get the conversation started!

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