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Resources and other helpful Tools

We are involved in many areas that go beyond expert technical assistance and education. Select one of the options below to learn more about the various ways you can take advantage of tools and resources offered by CMDC.

Resources available through CMDC

Part of CMDC’s commitment to the design community is a larger suite of resources that are made to assist and elevate the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Covering the basics (and getting into some details) on our association, common design questions, and masonry in general.

Masonry Specifications

Offering recommendations to help you have confidence when using masonry

Loadbearing Masonry

The benefits, application, and recommendations for using the block as your loadbearing system

Design Software

CMDC collaborates on a structural design software that handles the engineering calculations for masonry elements.

Partition Wall Calculator

Helping designers get an idea of how feasible masonry is for nonloadbearing applications. Based on a number of variables, returns a maximum height and structural support loads.

Technical Assistance

Contact CMDC and use our team as a professional resource on your next masonry project

Codes and Standards

Our role in keeping masonry relevant and innovative in the changing code cycles

Masonry Veneer Design

Combining a number of useful resources and details when it comes to using masonry as a cladding or veneer.

Engineering Textbook

One resource with all the information and details your need for modern masonry design - including practical design example calculations and best-practices!

Frequently Asked Questions

Covering several of the most commonly asked questions that we get through phone calls and emails over the years. Click here for the full FAQ.

Specification Articles

Highlighting some of the most common cases where specifications can be improved. Learn more

Loadbearing Masonry

Thinking about using masonry as the loadbearing system within a structural design? Learn about the benefits, and find guidance around the technical details, including where you can find more information. Click here for more details on loadbearing design of masonry.

Engineering Software

MASS (Masonry Analysis Structural Systems) is a masonry design software that will design elements of your structure in accordance with the current CSA Standards. MASS shows every equation and variable, along with code references, making all results reliable and trustworthy. MASS will also pay for itself in as little as just one project by saving hours of hand calculations and design iterations. Learn more


Masonry Structures: Behaviour and Design by Drysdale and Hamid explains the ins and outs of masonry design complete with examples and a copy of the CSA S304.1-04. Learn more

Partition Wall Calculator

A design tool meant to assist with the design of masonry partition walls. Provides maximum height limits and support requirements based on loading and type of concrete block used. Learn more

Masonry Veneer Design

A general overview and collection of resources to assist in the design of a masonry veneer. Learn more

Codes and Standards

The CMDC sits on several of the CSA boards and committees to develop and shape the CSA Standards in a way that is beneficial to the expanded use of masonry. This is closely tied with our work in Research, getting the tests and data needed to support masonry’s role in an evolving building code. Learn more


The CMDC offers a wide array of technical seminars directed towards the design community. Interested in attending or hosting a seminar? Let us know to get the conversation started.  Learn more

Professional Courses

Alongside the McMaster Centre for Continuing Education, we are proud to have run a professional course for practicing engineers called the Engineered Masonry Design Course (EMDC). It has been tailored for engineers to build on their understanding of reinforced concrete principles and apply them to masonry design.  Learn more

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The Canada Masonry Design Centre helps members of the design community across the country by connecting them to the resources and supports they need. Contact us today and get the conversation started!

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