From Simple and Straightforward to Technical and In-Depth, we have exactly what you are looking for

The Canada Masonry Design Centre offers a wide array of technical seminars directed towards the design community. These sessions provide participants with the tools and knowledge to design masonry more confidently, efficiently, and effectively. They range from graduate level courses covering various topics in advanced masonry design to complimentary, in-office lunch and learns on topical masonry-related subjects. Popular topics include masonry construction considerations, seismic design, connection details, and code interpretation. These lunch and learns can also be tailored to address specific masonry-related design and construction themes based on your requests.

MASSTM tutorials, which demonstrate how to effectively use the software to efficiently design structural masonry elements are also offered. These tutorials also showcase the latest version of MASSTM and highlight the new functionality that has been added to the software.

For more information on the technical seminars the CMDC offers, or if you are interested in scheduling a lunch and learn in your office, please fill out the “Request a Seminar” form.

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