With the recent approval of CSA Standard S304.1-1995 Masonry Design for Buildings, masonry joints the other major structural materials in Canada which are based on the Limit States Design philosophy. The use of this new design standard will result in more consistent and more efficient use of masonry as a structural building material.

The primary purpose of this paper is to highlight the significant benefits to designers of using this new standard. The paper covers:

  • the progress of masonry material standards;
  • the changes in the new masonry design standard from the previous standard;
  • comparison of the approaches to masonry wall design;
  • design examples utilizing the current standard; and
  • the benefits of using this standard.

For the designer, this paper provides background on the design of masonry wall systems using the new standard and the resulting more efficient walls that can be designed. For the owner, an awareness of the decreased costs is provided and the need for them to ensure they have retained designers who will utilize the new standard to its fullest is apparent.


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