Hughes, Kevin1

1 M.A.Sc., P.Eng., CAHP, Structural Engineer, Tacoma Engineers Inc., 570 Bryne Drive, Unit L, Ontario, Canada,

This paper is a case study of the restoration of a clock tower in Huntsville, Ontario. The tower was constructed out of multi-wythe clay brick masonry walls and wood floor and roof framing. The clock tower is the focal point of the Town Hall in downtown Huntsville. The clock was originally part of the centre tower of the 1873 Union Station in Toronto, Ontario [1]. This paper explores the intricacies of a heritage restoration project from a structural engineering perspective. The original scope of work was to replace four windows, reinforce the existing wood floor of the clock tower and reinstate the waterproofing at the podium level of the clock tower. Tacoma Engineers (Tacoma) was not involved in the original scope of work. During construction, the contractor uncovered significant deterioration within the multi-wythe clay brick exterior walls. Tacoma was retained at the request of the original Engineer of Record to provide expertise about the condition of the brick. The new scope of work included: demolition of the deteriorated brick walls, reconstruction of the tower walls one corner at a time, replacement of the steel roof, and recladding of the tower exterior walls. With any heritage restoration project it is critical to address the cause of the deterioration and then provide solutions that will mitigate further structural damage. Restoration work on this project was in conformance with the guiding principles of the Ontario Heritage Trust. Working closely with the Town of Huntsville’s Heritage Committee were able to successfully restore the clock tower structure in a manner that will preserve this heritage landmark for many years to come.



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