Technical education, with respect to its content and methods of delivery, must constantly be reevaluated in an effort to meet the changing demands being made on it by the architectural and engineering professions, by technology by the state of our environment and by the students. The 1990’s has come to see an increasingly computer and media literate society. Where computers have found a place in increasing the efficiency and variety of design explorations through the use of CAD and 3-D modeling systems, multimedia instruction and authoring systems can be used to expand upon computer information systems through the creation of new courseware. This vehicle can begin to make more effective use of our finite amount of education time by creating ore time for learning. The computer has too long been relegated to exclusive use in, word processing, CAD and three-dimensional modeling application. It must come to be seen as an excellent vehicle for learning and communication, accessible to all  areas of technical education. Interactive Multimedia Instruction is an excellent means to enhance the teaching of masonry design in architectural and engineering applications.