C. Peleteiro(1); M. R. S. Correa(2); M. A. Ramalho(3)


Masonry can be considered as a nonhomogeneous continuous media with mechanical orthotropic characteristics. It is considered as a periodic composite continuum, composed of two different materials (brick and mortar) arranged in a periodic manner. The homogenisation theory for periodic media allows for the overall behaviour of masonry to be derived from the behaviour of the constitutive material. By means of a homogenisation process, a fictitious material can be defined whose mechanical properties are equivalent to the average characteristics of a given nonhomogeneous material. The aim of this paper is to numerically derive the in-plane elastic characteristics of masonry using the ANSYS software program. Panels of different geometry were analysed and it was verified that the results agreed well with the values reported by other authors.

Key words: Masonry, homogenisation, finite element, brick, mortar, behaviour.