Y.Liu1 and J.L.Dawe2


The effects of a variety of parameters on the effective flexural rigidity of plain and singlelayer reinforced concrete masonry walls at failure were investigated. A computerized finite element technique was developed to account for effects of both material and geometric nonlinearities on the behaviour of walls. Effects of stress – strain relationships for masonry in compression, masonry tensile cracking, and longitudinal reinforcing steel are included directly in the moment – curvature relationship which is used in the determination of element stiffness at successive load increments. The variation of flexural rigidities of masonry walls with eccentricity for various slenderness ratios and subjected to single and double curvatures were obtained and discussed. Accordingly, a lower bound equation was developed to calculate the effective flexural rigidity to be used in determining the critical buckling load.

Key words: Walls, Finite Element, Moment – Curvature, Eccentricity, Slenderness, BeamColumn, Rigidity