Maria Luiza Lopes de OliveiraPhilippe Jean Paul Gleize, Humberto Ramos Roman, Romson, Heleo Romagna,


The addition of fibers in materials can provide an improvement in their mechanical characteristics. The aim of this work is to evaluate the effect of polypropylene fibers on compressive strength and workability of mortars and, compressive strength of ceramic block masonry prisms and masonry efficiency ratio. Mortar proportions were 1:1:6 (cement:lime:sand – volume percent) and water/cement ratio was adjusted to reach the ideal workability. Six different mortars were formulated with polypropylene fibers from two lengths (12 and 18 mm), types (monofilament and multifibrilated) and ratio (1 and 2%), and one reference mortar (without fibers). Results showed that the addition of the fibers increased mortar compressive strength and also contributed to increase in masonry prisms compressive strength, and, consequently, the masonry efficiency ratio. It was also confirmed that fibers reduce mortar workability.

Civil Engineering Department – Federal University of Santa Catarina Florianópolis – SC – Brazil.