Tatiana Gondim do Amaral, Msc. Civil. Eng. 1

  1. PhD. Student in the Course of Civil Engineering, CPGEC/UFSC/BRAZIL E-mail: tatiana_amaral@hotmail.com


This paper presents a specific masonry training program based on quality, productivity, rationalization, hygiene and safety concepts. This paper revisits the systemic approach that brings into focus four different phases: diagnosis, programming and planning, execution and evaluation. Some concepts were developed according to a Brazilian method called SEMEAR, focused on participant teaching-learning techniques and based on the New Pedagogy principles. More important for ours purposes was stimulate a better verbal communication, improve the group relationship and call the attention to the need for a new professional posture.

The validity of this training program is demonstrated through two empirical examples. The results show that this specific training program represent a viable and effective tool to improve the understanding of services orders and to increase the interaction among construction workers. This training program can also be seen as part of a group of strategies that aims to answer the new patters of behavioral and attitudinal posture, recent requested by companies.