To ensure that a masonry project is constructed in the most proficient manner, diligent inspection must be undertaken.

Inspection takes the form of knowledgeable examination of the prepared drawings and specification; the investigation through an inquiring mind to ensure that the construction details and specifications can be executed on the construction site, and by the scrutiny of the inspector at the construction site through critical observations of the project.

Project problems are minimized when professionals provide constructible drawings and specifications, and when constructors make use of a qualified workforce along with a
large supply of commonsense.

The following subject outline will be developed and presented in the proposed paper:

  • Adherence to the building code
  • Adherence to applicable standards
  • Insurance that the recommended construction practices are used
  • Knowledge of the proposed masonry wall design
  • Requirements of any special wall details are understood and can be executed
  • Observation of possible construction concerns
  • Knowledge of construction sequence
  • Technical information source availability