Domingues, P.(1); Corrêa, M.R.S.(2); Ramalho, M.A.(3)


This work deals with compressive strength of grouted clay masonry walls and its main purpose is to study the behaviour of grout and clay units as a whole. First, several results obtained from laboratory compressive tests are presented in order to evaluate the strength of walls from the strength of units, mortar and grout. Ten grouted walls, with two patterns of grouting, were tested under compressive loads. Besides, several compressive tests were also carried out in order to verify the strength of prisms, with two and three blocks, mortar, grout and clay units. Then, different relationships among strengths of components and walls were established. After that, the paper shows some results obtained from numerical modellings based on finite element analysis and the conclusions of the research.

Keywords: compressive strength; grouted walls; clay units; finite element; laboratory tests