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CMDC has worked in collaboration with Daniele Malomo from McGill University.

Supporting Innovation through Research Partnerships

Work has been conducted on the following projects:

Adapting Masonry Standards to Climate Change

Project Summary:

Today’s changing climate is demanding more and more from our buildings. In Canada, this means coping with extreme winds and temperature changes, as well as changing rain patterns and exposure to freeze-thaw conditions. At the same time, energy codes are forcing major changes to the way we insulate and detail our buildings to maximize energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Masonry has long proven itself to be a durable construction material, however new construction methods are exposing the materials to new pressures, and results from available previous research is getting less applicable to current conditions.

Dr. Malomo’s research project aims to address several of these knowledge gaps by studying the causes of cracking in clay brick and concrete block construction, as well as the strength and behaviour of modern veneer ties and shelf angle supports that span through very thick layers of insulation.

Through testing of small masonry assemblages and computer analysis of larger structures, the goal is to support the further development of building codes and standards ensure masonry buildings remain durable and energy efficient over their entire service life.

Recent NAMC Articles:

Menun, A., Das, t., Saad, L., Sparling, A., and Malomo, D. (2023, June). “A New 2-Step Testing Method for Measuring Moisture-Induced Shrinkage of Concrete Blocks, Mortar and Masonry Assemblies.” In Proceedings of the Fourteenth North American Masonry Conference. Paper presented at the 14th North American Masonry Conference, Omaha, Nebraska (pp. 99-108). Longmont, CO: The Masonry Society.

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