Marc D. Kuzik1 , Alaa E. Elwi2 , J.J. Roger Cheng2

  1. Ph.D. Student
  2. Professor University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta Canada, T6G 2G7


A numerical model for out-of-plane flexure was developed for concrete block masonry walls reinforced with externally bonded glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) sheets. The model predicts the loading envelope response by defining three points of bending moment and lateral deflection, which are then connected using a simple nonlinear stiffness degradation model found in the literature. The strength model is based on strain compatibility and the predicted ultimate deflection is determined using a maximum GFRP strain value to obtain the ultimate curvature. A comparison between the actual and predicted bending moment versus lateral deflection responses from nine full-scale tests was performed with good agreement.

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