Débora de Gois Santos1, Tatiana Gondim do Amaral, Msc. Civil Engineer2 Humberto Ramos Roman, Ph.D3

  1. Ph.D. student in Production Engineering – UFSC. Phone: (48) 3315197. E-mail: deborags@eps.ufsc.br
  2. Ph.D. student in Civil Engineering – UFSC Campus Trindade. E-mail: tamaral@starmedia.com
  3. Civil Engineer, Professor of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina; Researcher of NPC. Phone: (48)3315192. E-mail: humberto@ecv.ufsc.br


The present research focuses on the constructive analysis of the following slab typologies: concrete slabs, small beams expanded polystyrene floor system the stuffing material and, in lattices panels. It goes this purpose, the slab execution service was separated in the several component activities of the production process, identifying the execution of the requirements of execution norm. The intervening factors were analysed according to the Brazilian norm, complemented with the British norm.

The analysed enterprises were in structure wall of concrete blocks and was used the buildability requirements, to improve the process of execution of the construction. These requirements were related with the project simplification, sequence of activities, standardization of components and accessibility to places of the work.   The result could be observed that the execution of the requirements of the norm improved the buildability of the construction plans. It also made possible the reduction in the period of execution, the reduction of wastes in the process and the elevation of the quality of the undertaking final product.