Michael Hatzinikolas1, Alfred Dorey2, Marc Kuzik3

  1. President FERO Corporation Edmonton, Alberta
  2. Structural Engineer COSYN Technology Edmonton, Alberta
  3. Ph.D. Student University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta CANADA, T6G 2G7


With the incorporation of insulation in the cavity of masonry veneer wall assemblies, providing support for the exterior wythe or veneer wall has become very expensive. The continuity of the insulation and that of the air barrier has increasingly made it necessary to install an elaborate system consisting of a gusset plate fastened or welded to the main structural elements and an angle iron bolted or welded to the gusset plate.   This system is designed by a structural engineer and typically handled at the job site under miscellaneous iron at substantial cost. A new and innovative system for supporting masonry veneer is presented. The system requires no weld and thus allows installation to be performed by the masons. Out-of-plumb building tolerances can easily be accommodated during veneer construction to ensure the veneer is both plumb and has sufficient support by the shelf angle.