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Hosted in Jasper, Alberta

by University of Alberta

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Conference Chair:

Dr. Robert G. Drysdale


The organizing committee wishes to extend our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the symposium in the planning stages, the execution, and the actual events. Authors and presenters are the heart and soul of every symposium. Delegates and attendees are the backbone of the event. The presence of the Masonry Society and the Working Group on Repointing enhances and adds a different dimension to the symposium. We are grateful to all for the time and effort they have contributed and wish sincerely that we have lived up to your expectations. We also wish to acknowledge the enormous effort that went into organizational aspect of the symposium by the advisory committee, the support staff as well as the administrative staff. In particular, we acknowledge the outstanding organizational abilities of Miss Christy Pritchard of CMRI. Lastly, we wish to thank our sponsors whose support was vital to the success of the event.

Advisory Committee:

Larrie Baker, Australia
Gary Suter, Canada
Timber West, UK
John Matthys, USA

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Alaa Elwi, University of Alberta
Dr. Michael Hatzinikolas, Canadian Masonry Research Institute
Gary Sturgeon, Masonry Canada
Nigel Shrive, University of Calgary
Bob Drysdale (Past Chair), McMaster University
John Dawe (Past Chair), University of New Brunswick

Sponsoring Organizations

University of Alberta, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers’ Association
Canadian Masonry Contractors’ Association
Canadian Portland Cement Association
Clay Brick Association of Canada
Masonry Canada
Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta
The Masonry Society
Masonry Institute of British Columbia
International Masonry Institute
Canadian Masonry Research Institute
Provincial Masonry Industry Promotion Fund
Institut De La MaConnerie Dir Quebec

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