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CMDC has worked in collaboration with Ayan Sadhu from Western University

Supporting Innovation through Research Partnerships

Work has been conducted on the following projects:

Early Age Strength of Masonry

Project Summary:

There has been significant development of various advanced materials in construction industries. However, masonry is still considered as one of the most cost-effective materials. Masonry structures, when properly designed, can resist wind or earthquake-induced lateral loads of large amplitude. However, they are vulnerable to wind-induced lateral loads caused during the construction stage when the masonry is yet to achieve full strength. Freestanding masonry walls at construction sites have been frequently blown over, resulting in the loss of materials, injury to workers, and a subsequent increase in the construction cost.

Temporary wind bracing is commonly used to laterally support masonry structures at job sites and develop adequate lateral strength until the structures achieve the inherent full lateral support. However, unlike the primary load-bearing bracing, the design of temporary bracing (TB) is relatively subjective and error-prone, and their sudden failure may lead to injury or death of construction workers at job sites.

Select Journal Articles:

Abasi, Ali, Ayan Sadhu, Kyle Dunphy, Bennett Banting. “Evaluation of tensile properties of early-age concrete block masonry assemblages”, Construction and Building Materials, 369, 130542.

Dunphy, Kyle, Ayan Sadhu, and Bennett Banting. “Experimental and numerical investigation of tensile properties of early-age masonry.” Materials and Structures 54, no. 1 (2021): 1-18.

Dunphy, Kyle, and Ayan Sadhu. “Autonomous crack detection approach for masonry structures using artificial intelligence.” In Recent Developments in Structural Health Monitoring and Assessment–Opportunities and Challenges: Bridges, Buildings and Other Infrastructures, pp. 253-283. 2022.

Select Theses and HQP:

Kyle Dunphy:

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