1. Palacio1 e R.M. Da Silva2


The present work consists on the comparative study of structural analysis obtained by a three-dimensional analysis program for tall building in a masonry structure with those results obtained by usual procedures. The present program performs the analysis on first and second order effects and incorporates the use of thin-walled elements with opensection to represent structural walls, beams with or without torsion strength to represent lintels, and slabs as rigid diaphragms. In this program structural walls are analyzed by Vlassov’s bending-torsion theory, whereby the warping and the bimoment force are taken into account. The usual procedures considered in this work are: isolated walls, group of isolated walls, and groups of isolated walls with interaction. These procedures are simplified and generally become unpracticed for large structures. Besides, they require from the designer a good experience at structural projects. The intention of this work is to check the efficiency of these procedures on structural analysis of tall building in structural masonry with the results obtained by this program.

Key words: structural masonry, tall buildings, structural analyses