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Hosted in Banff, Alberta by

the University of Calgary

and the Canada Masonry Design Centre

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Conference Chairs:

Dr. Nigel Shrive

Dr. Shelley Lissel

Organizing Committee

Dr. Nigel Shrive, Chair
University of Calgary, Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Shelley Lissel, Co-Chair
University of Calgary, Department of Civil Engineering

Mr. Gary Sturgeon
Canada Masonry Design Centre

With Support Gratefully Received from:

Tracey Burton, Canada Masonry Design Centre
Karen Knoll-Williams, University of Calgary, Department of Civil Engineering
Christy Pritchard, T.C. Pro-Ad Solutions Inc.
Anne Wilson, University of Calgary, Department of Civil Engineering
University of Calgary Student volunteers:
Casey Benz
Abdelsamie Elmenshawie
Mohamad El Seify
Valarmathy Meenakshisundaram

Proceedings Edited by:

Shelley Lissel
Casey Benz
Mark Hagel
Casie Yuen
Nigel Shrive

Technical Committee

Daniel Abrams (USA)
Samer Adeeb (Canada)
Bill Bast (USA)
Adrian Bell (UK)
David Biggs (USA)
Luigia Binda (Italy)
Gerd Birkle (Canada)
Thomas Boothby (USA)
J. Gregg Borchelt (USA)
Vlatko Bosiljkov (Slovenia)
Norman Bright (UK)
Tom Brown (Canada)
Charles (Chip) Clark (USA)
John Dawe (Canada)
Manicka Dhanasekar (Australia)
Robert Drysdale (Canada)
Carl-Alexander Graubner (Germany)
Mike Griffith (Australia)
Caspar Groot (Netherlands)
Barry Haseltine (UK)
Mike Hatzinikolas (Canada)
Jason Ingham (New Zealand)
Richard Klingner (USA)
Marc Kuzik (Canada)
David Laird (Canada)
Paulo Laurenco (Portugal)
Steve Lawrence (Australia)
Shelley Lissel (Canada)
Yi Liu (Canada)
Dirk Martens (Netherlands)
Mark Masia (Australia)
John Matthys (USA)
Paul Maurenbrecher (Canada)
Bill McEwen (Canada)
John Nichols (USA)
Adrian Page (Australia)
Mahmoud Reda Taha (USA)
Antonella Saisi (Italy)
Arturo Schultz (USA)
Nigel Shrive (Canada)
Vera Straka (Canada)
David Stubbs (Canada)
Gary Sturgeon (Canada)
Maria Subercaseaux (Canada)
Heber Sugo (Australia)
Goran Turk (Slovenia)
Maria Rosa Valluzzi (Italy)
Ad Vermeltfoort (Netherlands)
Junyi Yi (Canada)

Industry Sponsorship

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