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The many benefits you should be taking advantage of

Loadbearing masonry projects has been studied and demonstrated to have many aspects that make it the durable, dependable, efficient system we see today.

The Benefits of Loadbearing Masonry Construction

Loadbearing reinforced concrete block masonry is a structural system often used in the construction industry in North America. Studies have been undertaken by various groups to promote the use of masonry materials, especially by identifying the conditions under which this type of construction would be most advantageous. In addition to the economic benefits (including cost of construction, material price stability, and operationally), load-bearing masonry construction can offer benefits in terms of durability, fire resistance (non-combustible construction), energy performance and comfort for residents (thermal stability and soundproofing). Yet, since these other benefits can be difficult to measure and compare to other structural systems, the economic arguments are the central focus of the available reports.

Multiple studies have found loadbearing masonry construction to be comparable in cost to the lowest-cost modes of construction for mid-rise (four-storey) multi-unit residential buildings in Canada.

Masonry is not more expensive than wood construction

Cost Comparison

Masonry has excellent fire resistance properties

Fire Resistance and Insurance

The cost of masonry materials is relatively stable

Material Cost Stability

Masonry construction is fast for these types of projects

Construction Scheduling Advantages

Masonry buildings are very comfortable

Sound transmission and other benefits

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